Sunvita Original

SunVita Orignal is a good source of protein and is fortified with NUTRI-V, a unique blend of Zinc, Calcium, Iron and Vitamins. It is made from corn, soya and cassava amongst other locally sourced agricultural input.

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Sunvita Original

SunVita Original Crunch is a tasty, healthy cereal that also helps children grow smarter (cognitive development) and stronger (boost immune system) so they can function at their best every day.

SunVita Original Crunch is an energizing meal for the whole family at any time of the day.

SunVita is produced in Nigeria with about 75% locally sourced agricultural input.

SunVita Original Crunch is available in:

  • 30g sachet single serve
  • 500g pouch family pack with Ziplock
  • Product Features
    • Instant ready-to-eat formula
    • Enriched with Nutri-V - a blend of essential nutrients and vitamins
    • Delicious Choco Crunch flavour
    • Source of dietary fibre
    • High in energy and┬áprotein.
    • Preservative free
    • Available in two pack sizes
  • Consumer Benefits
    • No need for cooking. Enjoy with with either water or milk, hot or cold
    • Perfect for active working people and sportspeople, and for improving concentration in schoolchildren
    • Promotes health and vitality with its Nutri-V formulation
    • Delivers 407,2 kcal of energy per 100g
    • Promotes a healthy digestive system
    • No side effects from preservatives
  • Packaging
    • SunVita Orignal
    • Unit: 40g sachet
    • SunVita Crunch
    • Unit: 500g Re-sealable Zip-lock Bag